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News and Updates

  1. 'CHEWS'
    In June 2013, train2care launched its' accredited CHEWS (Care Homes Early Warning Signs) course in Ireland, being duly accredited by An Bord Altranais (the Irish Nursing Board), having been re-accredited in June 2015, (for a further period of 2 years), it continues to receive wide acclaim and a very enthusiastic response indeed.

    June 2014: CHEWS Course receives RCN Accreditation with 8 CPD 'Participatory Learning' Hours

    August 2015: CHEWS reaccredited by RCN again with 8 CPD 'Participatory Learning' Hours. Currently extended until 16 September 2016.

October 2016: CHEWS reaccredited by the RCN.

October 2017: CHEWS accreditation has beeen extended by the RCN until November 17, 2017. We have been reviewing delegates' very helpful Feedback and from this, honing and polishing the CHEWS Course to ensure it delivers on 'all fronts' and Application for re-accreditation has been submitted (2018) to the RCN and we are waiting for this to be processed.
On 9th October 2017 CHEWS received Category 1 Approval by the Irish Nursing Board (An Bord Altranais) for a further 2 years (i.e to 9th October 2019)

2019 - CHEWS: 'The In-house Option' - demand for this is, once again, proving very popular with our clients and thus we are limited in the number of 'open' (public) courses we are able to run. However, we do hope to run more 'open' courses in both the UK and Ireland throughout 2019.

The CHEWS course links in with and supports the NHS's current 'Out of Hospital' strategy.

Click on the CHEWS page for details and CHEWS dates and/or visit our Facebook page for current scheduled course dates and venues.

  1. CHEWS 4 HCAs
    The demands on nurses are ever increasing, thus we developed our CHEWS course to answer such demands within the residential care sector: alongside them and an integral part of the Care Team are the suppport workers - healthcare assistants HCAs. They to are as dedicated and in order that they may aslo shoulder more of the care responsibility, obviously clearly within their scope of practice, we are working, together with healthcare professionals, several NHS CCGs and two Residential Care Organisations, on designing and developing a course for HCAs; for as they possibly have more day to day contact with residents, they may be the 'eyes and ears' and note signs of deterioration earlier, thus the CHEWS 4 HCAs is designed to equip them with the very skills to make their role more effective in spotting signs of deterioration and alerting other members of the care team that much faster.

Initial results are very encouraging indeed, with all HCAs showing the same enthusiasm as the nurses do for our "brilliant" CHEWS course.

For more information on any aspect of what train2care has to offer, do please contact us at   Untitled document




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"We enjoy having her here ... is an excellent intructor"

"Excellent! The course was so interesting. The tutor was so good in explaining things we didn't know"

"Your training was excellent and when we delivered the training to staff, they said it was of a very high standard and enjoyed it so much"

"Very good. All information was perfectly explained and very, very essential in line with our duties"



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